Dog Boarding

$43/ Single Occupancy

Same Kennel:
$27/ 2nd family dog


$20/ 3rd family dog

Day Stay

1st Hour Free

Dog Day Stay:

$20/1-4 hours

$25/4-8 hours

Cat Day Stay:

$20/ All Day Stay

Cat Boarding

$25/ Overnight 1st cat

Same Condo:


$15/ Overnight 2nd cat



-4 ½ ft x 6ft inside kennel with doggy door that leads out to a covered outdoor 4 ½ x 45ft run.

-heated and cooled floors

- inside play area that’s 25ft x 60ft.

-have free access to go in/out during daytime hours.

-Artificial Grass

-VIP Relaxation Pool w/large ankle dipping area

- Freedom to run and stretch

- Interactive Playtime

**price above is an all inclusive pricing and includes all of these amenities**


10% off of board with presentation of Active Military ID


10% Off Boarding for Police, Firefighters, and Nurses

***Please add us on social media for updates and discounts***